Before & After

White enameled paneling becomes antiqued black with burl wood fireplace

Garage door is faux-finished to match front door

This resin fireplace was faux-finished to mimic marble, which was very well executed. The owner wanted a change, however, so the fireplace was changed to look like warm wood with a rich burl top

Trompe l’oeil fireplace surround, creating “tile” that frames the fireplace instead of plain black metal


Stains and glacis instantly antique new wood barn doors


Before & after on damaged cement boards with new painted wood grain


A new view of the beautiful Palos Verdes coastline makes relaxing in the bathtub particularly inviting

Whitewashed oak turned into rich mahogany


Whitewashed oak turned into rich mahogany


Flood damage repair


Restaurant wall repair


Missing Stone Repair

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